Living Creation

We plant gardens, come what may.

Every morning we look out the window of our home office and see our (somewhat wild this year) vegetable garden, and on most days we see the Rocky Mountains rising in a solid, constant backdrop to the view. Today the mountains are hidden by wildfire smoke that has settled over our Northern Colorado area (and much of the western states, too). We are reminded that, though nature is given to bless us and for us to steward, we cannot control it.

We’re thankful for those who manage well the wild forests, rivers, and grasslands. And here at our home place we continue to care for the piece of earth entrusted to us, and we seek to persevere with the hope and patience we learn from Creator God who brings sunshine and harvest, cycles of seasons and rains, maintains the stars in their places, and every spring calls forth new life out of burns, decay and dormancy.

Life will winlove will win … as we co-operate with our living, loving God who is actively creating and re-creating.

This is a theme we feel called to share through publishing…


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  1. Martha Wells-Smith
    August 22, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    Thank you for your uplifting reflections…Father God truly does bring us cycles of renewal and bountiful blessings within the framework of His creations!

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