Faithful Friends

Holocaust Survivor’s Stories of the Pets Who Gave Them Comfort, Suffered Alongside them and Waited for Their Return

Award Winning Book ~ Compiled by Susan Bulanda with Contributors: Kathy Rubin, Irene Markley, Annette Renschowicz, Gloria Rubin, Jacob Stern, Kurt Moses, Joyce Clemens, Lya Galperin, Yvonne Rothschild Klug, Sonja Alaimo

WWII Europe / Holocaust / Memoirs / Pets

Never-before-told accounts of pets left behind in WWII Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Romania, France, and Yugoslavia—when Jewish families were torn from their homes and taken to ghettoes and concentration camps. Most of these personal stories are told by men and women who were children during the Holocaust. Their beloved pets provided comfort and courage, an emotional connection to happier times, and the encouragement to never give up hope.

For readers interested in dog and cat stories, World War II, the Holocaust, and personal memoirs. These stories offer a unique look at the Holocaust and they illuminate two major themes: 1) The strength and importance of the human-animal bond and 2) The spirit of hope that endures even in the darkest times.

Paperback / 5″ x 7.5″ / 144 pp / ISBN: 9780981892948


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“Each riveting chapter, headed by a brief explainer of Germany’s occupation of a specific European country (seven total), segues into an emotional, detailed memoir of a writer’s bond with his/her pet and the never-ending angst associated with leaving it behind to an uncertain fate…. Each narrative connects powerfully to the reader, detailing a glacial, soberly reflective journey that taxes the human-animal bond to the ultimate.”

− Renny

“Susan Bulanda shares with us stories of love instead of hate, selflessness instead of selfishness. These stories speak to the spirit of hope in all humans (and animals).”

− Rabbi Loel M. Weiss, Randolph, MA

“Being a fugitive from the Holocaust myself, I thought I had heard or read pretty much everything, but [Faithful Friends] came as a total surprise. These stories, as told to Susan by the people who lived them, are moving and inspirational. A few of the stories have happy endings, but others do not. This is a book everyone with a heart should read.”

− L. Barber Reader Review on



Winner of the Cat Writers’ Association, Inc. CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE


Winner of the Dog Writer’s Association of America MAXWELL AWARD for BEST HUMAN-ANIMAL BOND BOOK

Translated and published in Italy by Piemme

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