God’s Creatures

A Biblical View of Animals

by Susan Bulanda

Nature / Animals / Biblical Study

How do animals fit in God’s plan?

Susan Bulanda draws on years of experience as an animal behaviorist and a Bible student to present a discussion of God’s purposes and dealings with animals. Whether you are a committed Christians who love animals, or an animal lover who is curious to know how the Scriptures address animal issues, you will find plenty to inform and delight.

Chapter Titles
1. Created Wild & Domestic
2. Adam & the Animals
3. God Cares for Animals
4. The Killing & The Eating of Animals
5. The Ownership & Use of Animals
6. Do Animal Have the Same Rights & Rules as Humans?
7. Can Animals Think?
8. Understanding & Communicating with Animals
9. God Communicates with Animals
10. Animals as Agents of God’s Judgment
11. Can Animals Be Evil?
12. Animals Minister to Humans
13. Is the Bible Uncomplimentary to Animals?
14. Will Animals Be in Heaven?
15. Conclusion: Lessons from the Animals
Epilogue: The Creator’s Free Gift

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ISBN: 9780975961988 / Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 127 pp./ Illustrated: Color Photos

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Praise for GOD’S CREATURES: A Biblical View of Animals by Susan Bulanda

A look at the animal kingdom’s relationship with God’s Kingdom. … An enthralling look at a topic most often left out of Christian teachings, highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“An excellent piece of work.”

David Williams, Director of Studies, Veterinary Medicine, St John’s College, Cambridge; author of Animal Rights, Human Responsibilities (Grove Books)

“Finally, a book that asks tough questions and provides solid insights. Bulanda offers thorough research in her argument that God values animals beyond their functionality in the lives of human beings. The topics are engaging, her explanations are clear, and the zeal she brings into making her case keeps what could be a laborious theological study a fun and refreshing read.”

J. Michael Dew, author of Gadly Plain

“A rich, scriptural study into the animal kingdom, an area that the church has never fully explored. Christians need to read and study this book.”

Emmett Murphy, Pastor, Newport News, VA

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