No More Fear

From Killing Fields to Harvest Fields

by Physa Chanmany

as told to Catherine Lawton

Memoir / World Events / Cambodia Genocide / Refugees

A thrilling story about a boy in a Cambodian jungle village taken over in 1975 by the Khmer Rouge Communists. Physa survived the “killing fields”; was forced to become a Communist soldier; escaped across landmine-infested borders; and came to life-transforming faith in Jesus Christ, who revealed himself to Physa in miracle after miracle. Physa Chanmany’s life experiences will inspire you to obedient devotion, achieving prayer, greater faith; and a broader understanding of how God is working in our world. Appropriate for youth as well as adults.

Because of the genocide in Cambodia, the culture that Physa Chanmany grew up in, no longer exists. This story is one of the few written accounts of the simple (somewhat idyllic) life in the Battambang province, where the people were Buddhist and animist, but were taught that there was a greater, almighty God who would one day reveal Himself. They had never heard the name of Jesus. Physa first encountered Christians in a refugee camp in Thailand.

Readers interested in world events, refugee stories, and God’s miraculous ways, will enjoy this book.

Paperback / 5.3″ x 8.3″ / 172 pp./ Illustrations: maps, photos / ISBN: 9780967038605

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(No More Fear is available in Cambodia at Monument Books.)


“One of the outstanding facts of this story is the vast cultural gulf Physa crossed by following his innate feelings for God and his desire to find Him. Physa’s story is God’s story; it shows the universality of Christ; and it has all the ingredients of a historical novel.”

− Joseph H. Powell, professor and author of Grapes of Righteousness

“A personal story [with] vivid descriptions… Gives a relatively gentle introduction to the Cambodian genocide.”

− Donn Taylor, author

“Excellent… Difficult to lay aside. You have opened a good story of a man who found God and is preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

− William Prince, General Superintendent Emeritus, Church of the Nazarene

“Very interesting!”

− John Heard, Southeast Asian Outreach, England

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