Storm Tossed

How a U.S. Serviceman Won the Battle of Sex Addiction

by Jake Porter (John Buzzard)

Memoir / Military / Dessert Storm / Christian Life / Men’s Issues

The author doesn’t pull any punches in this hard-hitting story that takes the reader from the Persian Gulf War zone and the gritty underworld of prostitution to the glorious rapture of God’s saving grace.

It all began at the age of nine when Jake and his friend discovered girlie magazines. Although raised in a Christian home, ten years later he was viewing X-rated videos, which fed an insatiable lust that was looking for an opportunity to act out. Jake Porter found that opportunity in Mediterranean ports while serving as an aviation ordnanceman aboard the USS America. At a time when the Gulf War was unfolding, Jake should have been totally committed to God and country. However, the seedy world of pornography and prostitution sabotaged his Christian life and made his commitment to the Navy a low priority. Even later, as a church-going civilian, his sins came back to haunt him as he became suicidal.

At the end of the book, Jake describes the freedom that finally came as he allowed the pain of grief and rejection he experienced as a child to surface. He had to learn to walk in the freedom that forgiveness and deliverance brought. In the Epilogue, Jake offers guidance to others seeking to walk in the freedom Christ can give.

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 170 pp / ISBN: 9780975961902

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“Details aren’t graphic, but… this well-written story reveals the degradation and despair that wrong choices can lead to and also the glorious freedom that he found.”

− Tom Buford,

“An intriguing read. Jake Porter’s story shows the devastation sexual sin can cause in a man’s life as well as the redemption that can be found in submitting one’s life to Christ.

− Roger Overton, blogger

“[An example of] the immense pain, shame, and guilt the average person is walking around with in our society. But we have a Redeemer and we can walk in freedom.”

− Jerry Praetzel, minister

“[I] want to congratulate Cladach for publishing Storm Tossed. A gutsy story and an imperative topic that must be addressed in the Christian community. Hats off to you — I’m passing the word along!”

− Alice Scott-Ferguson, author

“Very highly recommended… An inspirational and engaging read from beginning to end.”

− Midwest Book Review

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A Conversation with John

Your first book, STORM TOSSED, dealt with a sensitive topic. Why is the message of this book needed?

    I give an honest account of my personal struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. Lust is a sin most Christian men battle against, but it is the one area in our lives we don’t want to discuss. For the most part, the church and its leaders are silent on the topic. It’s too dirty and too uncomfortable to address for most of us, but shying away from it isn’t going to help us defeat this powerful weapon of Satan. Storm Tossed doesn’t pull any punches by tip-toeing around the subject matter.

Help us understand how a Christian who has grown up in the church might become addicted to illicit sex.

    Addictions are used to fill a void in our lives. Instead of turning to Christ, we may fill that hole by turning to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or overeating. In my case, I soothed my loneliness and failures with pornography and prostitutes. It didn’t take long for me to be consumed with those activities. Even after I was aware of the problem, I couldn’t stop. I felt ashamed, and thought I was the only one in the world who struggled with it. The problem only worsened and it began to eat away at my sanity.
    My book will show readers that the roots of sexual sin are grounded in idolatry and witchcraft. There is no distinction between obsessively looking at pornographic photos and kneeling before a graven image. According to an MSNBC report released 4-21-04 the adult film industry manufactures 11,000 videos a year and rakes in nearly $10 billion annually. The pornographers of the world are out to hook men and boys with their product just like a drug dealer. One taste and they’re hooked.

What hope is there?

    When I cried out to God for help, He answered me. My story offers no guarantee of how to overcome sexual addiction, but it does candidly discuss what worked for me. Unless we are free from this disabling sin we can never be the husbands and fathers God has called us to be.
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