by Mary Harwell Sayler

This book of contemporary psalms and prayer-poems offers a remedy for those who feel pressed down by the negativity of the world. While they acknowledge, on the one hand, the realities around us, they also look for the good of our God in everything. Sections within the book include: PRAISE, PRAYERS, EASTER, CREATION, WONDER, CHRISTMAS.

With bad news everywhere—with hurts, fears, and anger—everyone has problems of some kind. Focusing on praise takes our thoughts off our worries and onto the goodness of God.

When prolific author and poet Mary Harwell Sayler found herself weighted by woes and laments, she began to realize her lack of appreciation to God. Then she made a decision to begin looking for the good. Poetic expressions began coming to her almost daily—spontaneous, contemporary poems of thanksgiving, adoration and praise.

As you read PRAISE! Poems, may an explosion break forth in your own life of adoration to—and celebration of—our good God!

  • Paperback: 98 pages
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 9″
  • ISBN-10: 1945099038
  • ISBN-13: 978-1945099038


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PRAISE! shares poems of praise and prayer—from a ‘listener’ attentive to the Spirit’s whisper and an ‘observer’ of God’s shout through His works of creation.” –Elaine Wright Colvin, poet, author, writers consultant

“A lyrical celebration of everyday miracles, mystical mysteries, and spiritual introspection. Faith inspires this series of praise poems that sing a song of serenity. Even the Table of Contents reads like a Psalm!” –Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi, poet and author of Fall Tenderly and Poem To Follow

“I love the way these poems open new doorways through which I learn to appreciate not just God but also the beauty and diversity of this world that God has gifted us with.” –Christine Sine, author of Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray and To Garden With God


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