The Crimson River

Book #4 MYSTERIOUS WAYS Frontier Fiction Series

by Donna Westover

1872 Colorado Territory & 2010 Denver

The first three books of the Mysterious Ways series (set in 19th-Century Colorado Territory) followed the adventures of Charlie Smith as he came of age, sought—and sometimes fought for—his fortune, and learned who to trust and who not to trust. Now, The Crimson River fast forwards to 21st-Century Denver, with Charlie Smith’s descendent as a main character, and with flashbacks to the late 19th Century. The plot involves a hunt for buried treasure based on clues found in Charlie’s diary. Beloved characters from the first three books enter the picture again. They struggle against greedy antagonists and their own conflicted motives. The reader is kept guessing with plot twists that provide suspense and intrigue as well as romance and inspiration.


Donna enjoys golfing, boating, and exploring colorful Colorado along with her husband. Since the Mysterious Ways series was published, Donna has married Don Shaw. She now uses the pen name of Donna Westover. Beloved fans who have known her as Donna Westover Gallup will still recognize Donna Westover as a favorite and trusted brand of Christian Frontier Fiction, conveying God’s love through her novels.

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Paperback / 5.25″ x 7.5″ / 274 pp./ ISBN: 9780981892979

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“Donna Westover does her usual great job of telling a spellbinding tale. I was surprised the story went back and forth between the present and the 19th-Century Colorado Territory. …The use of flashbacks was a marvelous way to tell the story. The inclusion of historically accurate events adds to the drama. The trip to Texas with the mesquite thorn poisoning and then to Missouri with the inclusion of the Small-Pox story line was well told and frighteningly realistic. I love the way Donna’s stories include the Almighty’s activity in everyday life and hope she has more stories to tell.”

Jimmie A. Kepler

“Very uplifting!”

Gloria Hoyt

“Jake’s life isn’t exactly going as planned. He has basically lost everything from his business to the love of his life. In the midst of struggling to recuperate his life, he gets an interesting proposition from a long lost relative involving treasure! While seemingly unrealistic, he goes along with the plan because he has nothing better to do! His distant cousin Emma and her lawyer Larran join with him on a treasure hunt! What they discover is not what they expected and what they find along the way is even more valuable.”

Lindsey, on

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