Poetry by Alice Scott-Ferguson


Two beautiful collections by Scottish-born author and wordsmith, Alice Scott-Ferguson.Freelance writer, poet, and motivational speaker, Alice writes of both the sacred and the mundane. Her Celtic blood runs strong and she is unafraid to voice a fresh and different take on a diversity of topics. Says Alice:

It is my hope that you will find many of my poems echo in your heart; that you will identify with their pathos and pain, and know you are not alone. I hope you will see the humor in the common place and the sacred in everything. My highest hope is that I may have contributed something to interpreting the enigmas and the wonders of this life.

UNPAUSED POEMS: Real, Raw Relevant

Inviting the reader to ease out of the safety zones and trust the open spaces, find fresh insights in entrenched views, share in the wonder of epiphanies encountered in both the sacred and the secular, and take the high road full of promise.

Alice Scott-Ferguson, insightful thinker and wordsmith, affirms life in a broad sense, lamenting not only the children we’ll never know, but also the flock of ewes bleating for their lambs, the dead bodies of those who die trying to cross borders to freedom, the soul-killing potential of angry words and betrayal, spiritual darkness that shuts out the life of Christ and hinders the sharing of life by friends, if only for a time. Alice’s convictions of the all-encompassing power of God’s love, and hope for reconciliation, shine through these verses, as well as her empathy for the aged, the infirm, the disabled, the lonely, the bereaved, and the outcast. Alice’s poetic laments, observations, and critiques always come full circle, offering open possibilities called forth by compassion and hope.

76 poems are organized into Sections of: Hurting and Hoping, Ruminations and Reflections, Nourishing Nature, Takes on Theology, Voices of Women, The Darker Side, The Lighter Side

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 112 pp., ISBN: 9781945099212, Color Illustrations by Elaine Pedersen

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Unpaused paints a picture of important life issues in a way that will stir your heart, capture your imagination and stimulate thoughts that enable you to see through the mundane into the world of beauty. It brings spirituality, philosophy and art together into one beautiful composition. Highly recommended. –M. McVey

Unpaused is a collection of rich and varied poems that sparkle from the page to reveal the inner thoughts of a deeply philosophical human being. –Ms J., Amazon UK customer review


Transparent reflections on life, loss, longing, and love.

These 69 refreshing, vibrant, and thought-provoking poems make for inspiring reading, enhanced with oil painter Amy Whitehouse’s exquisite original art!

From Alice: “Passing Places is inspired by the narrow one-lane roads that weave through the moors and the mountains of my native land. As drivers have to pull off the road to let oncoming traffic pass, so in life we often need to do so figuratively; to pause, to reflect, to assess and to tuck into a place of safety from the dangers, dreads and distractions.”

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 112 pp.

Color Illustrations

ISBN: 9781945099083


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“I have read Pausing in the Passing Places by Alice Scott Ferguson and enjoyed it greatly. The poems cover a great number of different subjects expressed in colorfully descriptive wording in a design exclusive to this talented author. It all is a great read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys such artistic expression.” –James Troy Turner, poet

“A delightful mix of everyday life and reflective thoughts—and beautiful artwork. Delightful and inspiring poems.” –Janyne McConnaughey, author of Brave: A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma

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