Remembering Softly


An AGATES Book of Poetry

by Catherine Lawton

With Full-Color Illustrations by Isabelle Lawton and Breanna Slike

Honest poetry, beautifully presented, coming out of everyday life, joys and struggles, and searching faith.

Many of these poems were originally published in national periodicals and journals, here collected in book form for the first time. Together, they offer the poet’s keen observations and reflections on relationship with God, nature, and each other. Original color illustrations are interspersed among the 73 poems.


Poets compose poems and readers enjoy them because nothing quite distills the feelings of a moment as does a piece of verse with its resonance, sound, and form. A poem comes from someplace in the heart. And when read, it can reveal something about the heart. Like music, it may employ major or minor tones. I hope the poems in this volume, selected expressions from each stage of my life, will touch a chord for you, my reader – perhaps in a major key of delight or consolation; perhaps with minor overtones of grief or longing. May you find something here to illumine your path and lighten your soul at whatever place of life you find yourself.

From my wanderings in and wondering about nature; from opening more and more to the Divine; from faith, family, and friends; out of noisy living and quiet places; out of whelming emotions, questionings and questing … come poems to help cope, to make sense of it all, to ennoble earthly life. In crisis has come hope; in fear has come faith; in fragility has come strength; in joy has come affirmation; in loss has come bounteous grace. I want to remember it all, but softly.

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 111 pp / ISBN: 9780989101455

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“The hopes and prayers of a life given to love come through strongly, but fresh scenes also draw us back to the visual. The light and lively artwork [brings] yet another lovely touch to this book.”
Mary Harwell Sayler, poet, author, and blogger atThe Poetry Editor and Poetry

“I love the title of this collection of 73 poems. Metaphors come from nature (“In the Cleft of a Cold White Rock”) the Bible (“Glory”), and things like school buses (“First Day of School”) and glass (“Window Washer”)… These poems touch me because I am a Californian who briefly lived in Colorado, and Lawton’s images come from both places. Also, I am in the autumn of my life. I encourage readers of all ages, however, to read these poems. I think everyone will find something here that will resonate with them and they, too, will ‘remember softly.'”

–Mary Langer Thompson, poet, California’s Senior Poet Laureate 2012-13

“A book to be experienced. The poems are deep, light, intimate and in some instances, very funny. They represent stages of a life well-lived… Its pages are brought to life by the colorful artwork of her two granddaughters. I found two of the poems to be breathtakingly inspirational: “Gladwin” and “Window Washer.” Reading this book is to walk through Catherine Lawton’s life journey while opening one’s own heart in unexpected ways.”

Susan Jenkins, author, Scandalon

This collection of 65 poems written throughout her life, are really a memoir of life experiences and lessons learned–from joy, sorrow, healing, faith, and relationships. 111-pages of inspiration and lovely original-art colored illustrations. You’ll want 2 copies, one to keep and one to give. A poet’s treasure!

Elaine Wright Colvin, poet, author

Lovely book…. I enjoyed the artwork as well.”

Beate Sigriddaughter, poet

“The glory, sorrow and unquestionable beauty of life encapsulated… richly emotional. ‘Shadows’ stood out, as did ‘Glory’ and ‘A Walk at Dusk’, a thought-provoking and fearless piece….Truly a beautiful book. The illustrations are a charming touch and fit well with the poems. Recommended wholeheartedly, with 5 out of 5 stars.”

Realistic Poetry International 

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