by Nancy Swihart

When Judd and Nancy Swihart moved, with their three children, from Southern California to a farm in Kansas, they joined God in an adventure that unfolded in a rural setting along Kitten Creek Road. Nancy had dreamed of a L’Abri style center in Kansas. As God-given dreams often do, this one turned out differently than first envisioned. It’s the story of how God brought about a rustic-farm, Christian-outreach center called Wellspring. Read how He used people with their unique gifts, the land with its resources and features, even the farm animals to shape a unique and far-reaching experience of what Francis Schaeffer called “The God Who Is There.”

Nancy is the co-author of Beside Every Great Dad (Tyndale, 1993). She has served as: Professor of English and Department Head of General Studies at Manhattan Christian College; speaker at women’s retreats and conferences; and founding member of Wellspring, Inc.


The First Three Titles in our AGATES Books of Christian Poetry Now Available

When the Cladach staff lived near the Pacific Coast of Northern California, we enjoyed hunting on the beach for agates (a type of semi-precious stone). Sometimes as a wave recedes, one can spot them tumbling in the gravelly sand. This process polishes the small stones to translucence, often revealing mossy patterns inside. These gems uniquely encapsulate the effects of pressures and changes in the formation of our earth home. Yet, examine the depth and design of each agate and you’ll see evidence that these natural processes are guided by a powerful, loving, beauty-creating God.

Life presses, shapes, and forms each of us in unique ways. Poets have the gift of expressing moments along the journey in artful word pictures. The experience of poetry leads to discovery, much like searching for agates in rocky places and along the seashore. We hope you enjoy discovering gems in these collections of heartfelt poetry.
You will find both rhyming and free verse that is honest and real, with a distinctive voice, personal in tone but dealing with universal themes of life and love. …

AGATES POETRY Collections:



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