by Nancy Swihart

When Judd and Nancy Swihart moved, with their three children, from Southern California to a farm in Kansas, they joined God in an adventure that unfolded in a rural setting along Kitten Creek Road. Nancy had dreamed of a L’Abri style center in Kansas. As God-given dreams often do, this one turned out differently than first envisioned. It’s the story of how God brought about a rustic-farm, Christian-outreach center called Wellspring. Read how He used people with their unique gifts, the land with its resources and features, even the farm animals to shape a unique and far-reaching experience of what Francis Schaeffer called “The God Who Is There.”

Nancy is the co-author of Beside Every Great Dad (Tyndale, 1993). She has served as: Professor of English and Department Head of General Studies at Manhattan Christian College; speaker at women’s retreats and conferences; and founding member of Wellspring, Inc.



We can each do something this day to increase shalom, well-being, and flourishing in our world—God’s kingdom come. … As a believer and follower of Jesus, the Creator and Redeemer, I want to reflect his character of holy love into this groaning, strife-filled world. One way I seek to do that is by publishing books that offer hope…. (read more)