February Release!

GLIMPSING GLORY: Poems of Living & Dying, Praying & Playing, Belonging & Longing

by Catherine Lawton

Cathy’s second volume of poetry, these 66 poems and poetic meditations are composed in lyrical, penetrating, sometimes playful words that aim to evoke, provoke, and soak the reader in both the earthy and the transcendent. Varied in style, the poems are organized into seven sections:

  1. Relating
  2. Communing
  3. Trusting
  4. Living
  5. Dying
  6. Praying
  7. Word-Playing

From the Introduction:

What do I mean by Glory? A taste, a flicker, a glimpse, a glimmer; a flash, a whisper, a rustling breeze; a fleeting moment that lingers on taste buds, nerve ends, rides overtones of sound, tingles with goose bumps of closeness, surprise, recognition…

God is for us, with us, in us, among us; but only in the glimpses—usually coming uninvited, unexpected—are we awake to God’s presence and life’s mysteries and surprises.

We may be awakened in momentary, sensory experiences—as the Spirit hovers over our chaos—of beauty, living things, a word spoken, thin places….

Moments in which we receive glimpses of glory are worth holding and treasuring. That is my purpose in writing these poems…

“Cathy Lawton has acquired the knack. Hers are not passing thoughts on her subjects. It is obvious her mind has lingered long on these ideas, so her readers willingly linger with her. As one of her readers, I know I do. I even noticed that I instinctively read her poetry at the correct speed. Let’s face it, there are many poets whose poems you cannot wait to finish after only a few bites, and thankfully Mrs. Lawton is not one of these. She makes you willingly linger. The poem ‘We Don’t Know How to Pray as Ought’ is my personal favorite from the book. You know the poem is real because you have had many of the same thoughts yourself. Personally, I do not believe in the existence of people who have not prayed at some point.” ~Jesse Baird, poet, writer, musician

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