New in Poetry / Devotional:

BIBLE POEMS for Reflection and Response

by Donna Marie Merritt

Read this book slowly. Let it be an experience of engaging and interacting, along with Donna’s poems, to stories and teachings from the Bible! 290 down-to-earth poems, based on Bible passages, ranging from traditional rhyme to haiku to free verse. The applicable Bible verses are listed with each poem, and all the books of the Old and New Testaments are represented. Blank pages and wide margins provide space for the reader to creatively respond with their own thoughts, prayers, poems, sketches, and doodles…. Learn more and pre-order now

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New in Memoir / Trauma Healing / Christian Ministry:

A BRAVE LIFE : Survival, Resilience, Faith and Hope after Childhood Trauma

Book 3 in the BRAVE Series

by Janyne McConnaughey PhD

What does a high-functioning survivor of childhood trauma look like? Janyne shares the story of how she lived her adult life with—but above—the effects of trauma. Janyne’s fans will recognize her whimsical weaving of informative narration, creative storytelling, and raw vulnerability as she describes her journey that taught her about the abundant life and the many ways it was stolen from her by childhood trauma. A BRAVE Life offers hope and insight to all who have persevered and silently suffered without knowing why. And it provides a handbook to help the church minister to those who, as children, were victims of the unspeakable.…. Learn more and pre-order now