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“Vulnerable” “Courageous” “Rare glimpse” “Captures the heart” “Both profound and articulate” “Desperately needed” “Inspiring memoir”

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What Advance Readers and Christian Professionals are Saying about Brave:

“Janyne McConnaughey is vulnerable in the kind of way that changes the world! Her story challenges us to face life in all its pain, while finding hope and courage to persist. Janyne wrestles with how to think about God in light of her suffering, and that alone makes this book a gem. I recommend it!”

Thomas Jay Oord, author of The Uncontrolling Love of God

“With courage, candor and clinical perception, Janyne McConnaughey, who at the brave age of sixty-one, under the guidance of a skilled and loving therapist in EMDR, embarked on a grueling journey; a journey through, and out of, a world of repressed wounds from childhood trauma. Here we meet her multiple adult personalities, her hiding, wounded children and witness the power of the human spirit to rise above pain. She has documented the astonishing ability of the human mind to bury trauma in a grave of unconsciousness, and yet still attain to greater than normal performance and notable accomplishments in life. It is an arresting testimony to the tragic outcome of neglected and damaged children. Whatever happens to children affects them for a lifetime. Thanks to such a tenacious, transparent and tender author, we are all afforded the high hope that healing is possible, no matter the depth of the hidden wounds. Brave is a highly recommended read for therapists, concerned family and patients alike.”

Alice Scott-Ferguson, therapist and author

“Dr. Janyne provides a rare glimpse into the world of mental illness. Her insights into the healing process are both profound and articulate. The way she painstakingly honors herself in the telling of the story allows the reader to respect her as both the subject matter and the narrator (teacher) who explains a very difficult experience to understand. Truly an inspiration, this story of the successful journey from broken and dissociative to integrated and fully aware provides an excellent narrative for anyone who desires understanding about what it takes to overcome the very real, lasting affects of unprocessed trauma in a child’s life. I highly recommend it for the professional and for those who love someone living with mental illness like dissociative disorders.”

Kiersten Adkins, Executive Director, Pathway To Hope

“Not an easy read, yet impossible to put down, Janyne McConnaughey’s personal story captures the heart from the first page, as she courageously unfolds the abuse she experienced from early childhood through her adult years. At the beginning, I found it almost too terrifying to read, but the author and her skilled therapist beckoned me into this story of deep pain and—ultimately—healing and wholeness. It will move your heart and may unwrap a few memories of your own as you turn its pages. The good news is that there is promised healing for all who are brave enough to tread back through their own journey.”

Susan Elaine Jenkins, author of Scandalon

“Janyne McConnaughey bravely becomes the voice for children who have experienced attachment wounding and trauma. I highly recommend this book for all professionals who work with children and adults that struggle with attachment and the far reaching effects of childhood trauma. Not only does her book provide insight into the painful experience of trauma but helps the reader understand the ‘why’ behind the behavior of a hurting child. Janyne also boldly speaks hope, which is so desperately needed by those impacted by trauma and the hurt of disrupted attachment.”

Heather C. Thompson, Child and Family Therapist, “A Safe Place to Grow” Counseling

“As a colleague and friend of Janyne’s, I walked through this painful time of discovery and therapy with her shortly after the birth of my first child. Janyne’s therapy not only profoundly changed her life, but it also profoundly affected me and helped form my parenting practices. I now view the thoughts and memories of a child during early formative years as much more robust than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend this book to all parents because trauma may occur to a child in spite of a diligent parent’s protective efforts. Parents need to know emotional and psychological help is available today that can heal a child before life-long damage is done. Although tragic, Janyne’s story gives parents hope that raising a happy, healthy child is possible when they actively participate in their child’s life. From Janyne’s story we learn that we need to listen to the children, believe the children, protect the children, and love the children in our lives.”

Leslie R. Mikesell, Ph.D.

“Janyne McConnaughey rewrites the story controlling her life. With the courage to heal, she uses all the resources at her disposal to overcome helplessness, despair, and brokenness. God’s uncontrolling love beckons her forward. The emerging narrative is life, joy and intimacy. McConnaughey’s faithful imagination and audacity help her persevere with hope. An inspiring memoir of tenacious mercy.”

Lon Marshall, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist