Janyne McConnaughey has written a companion volume to her BRAVE : A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma. This new release is titled Jeannie’s BRAVE Childhood : Behavior and Healing through the Lens of Attachment and Trauma. For anyone who:
  • has children
  • works with children, and/or
  • anyone who experienced trauma and attachment issues in their own childhood.
If you enjoyed BRAVE (and a constantly-growing number of people have) then you will love this companion volume!

New for Advent/Christmas:

A joyous experience for families to share during the Advent season and anytime of the year. In this colorfully-illustrated, creative story, Cladach’s publisher/editor, Catherine Lawton, combines her passions for:
  • sharing with our children and grandchildren.
  • experiencing together the wonders of nature.
  • learning about—and caring for—God’s creation.
  • celebrating God’s love come into our world at the birth of Jesus.
Something Is Coming To Our World : How a Backyard Bird Sees Christmas releases in late November. Learn more and Pre-order now.

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Welcome, November! A season of change and anticipation. Here in Colorado we can see “every season in every season.” A sudden chill may hit and bring snow in October or November. Then back to 60 and 70 degree sunny days. But no matter where you live, change is in the air. As we anticipate upcoming holy days and holidays, we at Cladach are preparing good things to share with our readers—some for this season and some for all seasons… continue reading