We can each do something this day to increase shalom, well-being, and flourishing in our world—to participate in “God’s kingdom come.” …

As a believer and follower of Jesus, the Creator and Redeemer, I want to reflect his character of holy love into this groaning, strife-filled world.

One way I seek to do that is by publishing books that offer hope. I believe that hope is what sets “Christian books” apart among general book publishing. Whether through fiction, nonfiction, memoir, or poetry; a story, essay, or poem may portray a context of brokenness, sin, and conflict. But into that milieu will shine a ray of hope that gives the reader renewed courage to reach up and take hold of “the helping hand at the end of God’s long arm of love.”  Read more of this blog post by Catherine Lawton

INSPIRATION FOR SPRING“God created all things for our physical and emotional benefit and to remind us of spiritual truths.” ~Dennis Ellingson, author

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