UNPAUSED POEMS: Real, Raw, Relevant

by Alice Scott Ferguson

For more than a year now, many aspects of life have been on “Pause.” As we begin to “unpause” our lives, find encouragement and inspiration from Alice Scott-Ferguson‘s poetry.

“During the course of writing this book, an ongoing pandemic has threatened to unmoor society as we have known it, an all time low in race relations in the U.S. has driven deeper divides among us, and we have navigated a national election through a hostile highway of acrimony, angst, and anger.Included in this volume are offerings of insight into, and reflections on, facets of such fractious issues.” (from the Introduction)

Discover fresh insights in entrenched views, share in the wonder of epiphanies encountered in both the sacred and the secular, and be inspired to take the high road full of promise. Learn More

Watch Cladach’s Cathy Lawton chat with Alice Scott-Ferguson about growing up on a remote Scottish island, the Celtic appreciation of poetry, and “unpausing” as we come out of a pandemic.

A Sampling of Elaine Pedersen’s Art Illustrations in UNPAUSED POEMS: