On Kitten Creek

Searching for the Sacred

A Memoir

by Nancy Swihart

Enter the adventure of unwrapping gifts from the God who loves to inhabit our space: the gift of community, the gift of sorrows and celebrations; the gift of land and buildings; even the gifts of the animals that fill our lives.

When the Swihart family left a thriving ministry in Southern California and moved to rural Kansas, they sought a place to live sacramentally and in community. Nancy dreamed of a L’Abri-style center in rural Kansas. As God-given dreams often do, this one took a different form than first envisioned. Read how God used individuals and families with their unique gifts, the land with its resources and features, even the farm animals to shape a far-reaching experience of what Francis Schaeffer called “The God Who Is There”—on a rustic, old farm along Kitten Creek.

In this book you will find:

  • Encouragement to look in everyday life for the sacred that is always there.
  • An example of an authentic, loving, effective community of believers.
  • Insights into how God’s creatures, the animals, can enrich our lives.

ISBN: 9781945099021

Paperback • 5.5″ x 8.5″ • 186 pgs






PRAISE for On Kitten Creek:

“Nancy Swihart’s On Kitten Creek is an uplifting and thoughtful read. It’s a fresh reminder that we are each living an adventure. At times our adventurous lives, the meaning of certain events, relationships and living spaces are obscure; however when we take time and reflect, as Nancy has done, the richness in living bursts forth in her narrative like a warm sun. Reading On Kitten Creek will minister to your spirit and move you to give thanks for life’s simple gifts. I particularly enjoy the way Nancy inserts her breath of literature, practical wisdom and spiritual insights in each chapter. Her concluding and short review of the “markers” of life’s adventures is worth the price of the book alone. I know you will enjoy On Kitten Creek and hopefully it will cause you to reflect deeply about your life, as it has prompted me.”

–Ken Canfield PhD., Founder National Center for Fathering; President, National Association for Grandparenting

“Strangers driving past the big red barn and outbuildings on Kitten Creek’s gravel road could never guess the magnitude of what has happened on that property in the last thirty years! The open hearts and hands there on the farm have enabled countless revolving college students and community friends to bond, build, create, study, experiment, grow, enjoy, laugh, serve, and fan out over the world, blessed. Let Nancy give you glimpses of His handiwork among us. Be inspired to look for sacred connections and creative opportunities waiting to surprise you within what may seem mundane in your own life.”

–Kay Bascom, Author, Teacher, Missionary, and Conference Speaker

“Lots of love, lots of tears, lots of growing.” I could write on and on about the unusual richness of Nancy Swihart’s On Kitten Creek, but those few words of hers capture the life she has lived “in search of the sacred.” Always hospitable, always inviting, she is also artful and poetic, writing about her family’s life on a small farm in the Flint Hills of Kansas—the hours and days of hard work, the surprising commitment to a common life among neighbors, the celebrations and heartaches over the years. She graces us with eyes to see all of this as born of a longing for God to be present in her life and world. A quiet read for a quiet day or to be read aloud among friends, its gift is to draw us into the truest truths of the universe, sure that we have been looking over-the-shoulder and through-the-heart of someone with much to teach every one of us.”
–Steven Garber, Principal of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation & Culture; author of Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good

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