Rock of Refuge

BOOK #2 MYSTERIOUS WAYS Frontier Fiction Series

by Donna Westover

Paperback / 5.25″ x 7.5″ / 274 pp.

ISBN: 9780975961971

1871 Colorado Territory

Charlie is a young man now. Feeling restless, he joins a cattle drive that takes him to the rip-roaring new city of Denver. This second book of the series is longer and more complex than the first book, White As Snow. Now readers get to know Charlie and Grandpa on deeper levels, while romantic interests, villains, and even angels enter the story.

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“A story of faith, love, and community prevailing in the tumultuous Colorado Territory. This is a beautifully-written and sensitive story of inter-generational love, respect, and surrender.”

–Marc Johnson, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University

“A deftly-written and excellently researched novel that readers are sure to love, it’s highly recommended to western fans everywhere and deserves a place on community library fiction shelves.”

Midwest Book Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book… This is a faith-strengthening novel for the entire family to enjoy together!”

Kris Price, Sr. Editor,