All We Like Sheep

All-We-Like-SheepLessons from the Sheepfold

Marilyn Bay & Mildred Bay

Nonfiction / Devotional / Nature Writings / Christian Life

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 224 pgs / includes photos from the sheep farm

ISBN: 9780989101431

Two shepherdesses invite you to laugh, cry, and contemplate as you read the stories of what their sheep have taught them about themselves, others, and God. Between the two of them, Marilyn Bay and her mother, Mildred (Millie), have seven decades of sheep raising experience. Marilyn and Millie’s stories range from hilarious to thought-provoking, but always entertaining and inspiring.

Each of the 45 short chapters includes a vignette from the sheepfold, a spiritual lesson from life experience and Scripture, followed by reflection/discussion questions, and a prayer designed to lead the reader into personal communication with the Good Shepherd.

Dive into these stories individually or with a group, and learn why sheep are mentioned more than any other animal in the Bible.






“Transparent and truthful, engaging and enlightening – the authors use their ‘shepherd’s crook’ to guide the reader into a deeper understanding of the Great Shepherd’s love. They use their ‘shepherd’s rod’ to challenge their readers to grow in faith, learning to enjoy the green meadow and dark valleys. The practical lessons taught are insightful and life changing. The short chapters can be used for personal devotions, or even as a basis for Bible study groups. Marilyn and Millie remind us on each page that sheep are amazing creatures, created by an amazing God.” –Tonya Blessing, Strong Cross Ministries

“The authors remind us that Christ followers lack nothing from the Good Shepherd: We are restored, adopted, accepted, protected – we are loved. This book is rich with lessons from ladies who know sheep well; readers discover faith-driven parallels between raising these creatures and walking intimately with God. An insightful, delightful, and inspiring read!” –Gayle Irwin, author

“Having worked with sheep all my life, I know how vital it is that sheep have a good shepherd. Just as we shepherd sheep on this earth, Christ shepherds us. Millie and Marilyn have done a wonderful job of taking the experience they have gained through their sheep management and putting it into stories for people to enjoy, learn from, and most importantly gain a new understanding of the relationship between we the sheep and Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd.” –Benjamin D. Brown, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

Stay With the Flock

Whose Brand Do You Wear?

Wholly Accepted

It’s All About the Smell

Eternity In Our Hearts

Hear the Shepherd’s Voice

Watch, for Night Is Coming

The Perfect Substitute

Green Pastures


Leader Beware

Milk or Meat?

All We Like Sheep


The Little Ewe Who Thought She Could


The Good Shepherd’s Staff


Ice Baby

The Good Shepherd Wants Your Heart

Which Master is Your Shepherd?

God Knows Your Pain

Goat or Sheep?

Forgiven Sin Like Wool

Love People Even When

You Are Precious to God

A Lamb Called “Her”

Behold the Lamb

Beware of Wolves

Get In the House!

Dead Sheep

That Pesky Process Adversity

Don’t Be Discouraged

A Keen Sense of Hearing

Carla’s Hiding Place

Think On These Things

Not Our Final Home

How’s Your Heart?

The Record Books

Submission—Now or Later?

Sheep Among Wolves

The Shepherd Will Calm Your Fears

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