To Conquer A Mountain

A Novel

by Jeanie Flierl

Set in the mountains of Colorado, this contemporary, romantic-suspense novel combines the thrill of mountain rescue with the adventures of a woman named Tatum, who learns that God’s leading comes in unexpected packages and sometimes calls us to overcome fears and step out in faith.

Tatum Kessler is a thirty-something woman who actively avoids risk. She has her perfect life planned with the man of her dreams. But he seldom speaks of his past. And, in contrast to her, he gets his greatest thrills from the extreme sport of mountain climbing—on Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountain peaks.

Tatum finds that what seems too good to be true, probably is. Through an avalanche of tragedies, as she works her way through suspense and intrigue, she learns that risks of love—and rescue—are worth taking.

A story about trusting others, holding to faith in God, and choosing to live to the extreme.

Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 312 pgs / ISBN 9781945099014

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“I read To Conquer A Mountain in one day. Thankfully I had free time because I didn’t want to put it down. The characters were compelling and I think that anyone who is a follower of Jesus can identify with many of the challenges and issues that Tatum faces. That said, Fliert weaves the characters’ faith into the story in a natural and non-preaching way. The story has many ups and downs, twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages and wondering what the outcome will be. As a mountain climber, I enjoyed reading the author’s descriptions of the nature, scenery, and efforts, but as someone who knew nothing about the rescue operation teams, i found that aspect fascinating. In short, To Conquer A Mountain is a worthwhile read on many levels.” –Judith Galblum Pex, author of Walk the Land

“If you love the scenic beauty of Colorado, this story will compel your interest, as it takes place in places that are beloved to anyone who has spent time in the Rocky Mountains. From Breckenridge to Glenwood Springs to Denver, the author takes the reader on a riveting journey that is both endearing and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, becoming quickly engaged in the life of Tatum, who faces unimaginable losses with grace and faith. This book has some of everything—sweet friendships, danger and mystery—and they are skillfully unfolded in thoroughly modern settings. Now I can’t wait for the sequel!” –Susan Elaine Jenkins, author of SCANDALON

“To Conquer A Mountain kept my interest with surprising twists of adventure, romance and suspense. It flows well and the believable characters face challenges to life itself. Throughout our lives we are faced with significant changes whether we like it or not. The joys and hardships of the past make us what we are today, but wisdom teaches us that more change will come in the future. Conquering life’s mountains in our lives is challenging, such as schooling, jobs, moving to a new location, dating, marriage, birth, and death. Accepting and working through life’s changes can be a struggle, but victory leads to renewed life. This is what I took away from Jeanie Flierl’s novel. Let it speak to you!” –Larry Lawton, reader


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