Running From Shame and Finding God’s Scandalous Love

by Susan Elaine Jenkins

Memoir / Travel / China / Inspirational / Women’s Issues

Running from scandal—in her family, church and community life—Susan moves from California to China. At first, the adventure of experiencing an exotic culture brings the escape she craves. Gradually, as the layers of mystery and reserve fall away, she gets to know her new Chinese friends on deeper levels. At the same time the self-protective layers around her own heart peel back painfully, exposing her inner brokenness.

With transparent writing, Susan takes us on a fascinating journey into the streets and homes of modern China. The travel memoir is interspersed with Susan’s personal story of emotional sabotage, shame and shattered dreams. It all comes together as she opens her heart anew to God’s love—the most “scandalous” love of all.

The story of Susan’s personal journey in many ways parallels the journey of the Chinese people. The juxtaposition of scenes from both life settings paint a vivid psychological and spiritual picture that will give insight, courage, and hope to the reader.

Paperback / 5.5″x8.5″ / 287 pp. / Bl/Wh Photos / ISBN: 9780981892900


In-Tongli-wSusan lived in China for fifteen years, teaching the performing arts in international schools. Her provocative memoir, SCANDALON, includes fascinating stories of people and life in the great country of China, which few of us have visited, but where God is working mightily. God has also worked mightily in Susan’s life and she has an important story to share about disappointment, abuse, shame, and God’s love.

Susan grew up in California, where her preacher father pastored several churches, and where she now lives and works in the field of education.


“Your heart will be warmed, afflicted and enticed as you journey across the great Pacific between Asia and America in a catharsis of tragedy and torment. This is a real story of betrayal and devastation. Some of it sizzles and shakes, but the intention is for healing—perhaps yours..”

− David Spaite, Minister

“With disarming vulnerability Susan Elaine Jenkins unfolds a personal memoir spanning fifteen years and two continents. While teaching school in Mainland China she reflects on the most important relationships of her life: with her father, her husband and her pastor. She unfolds a compelling spiritual passage traveling beyond despair to deliverance which can encourage any reader to soulfully reflect on the greatest relationship of all, one with Jesus Christ. Jenkins captivates the reader with cultural insights and candid appraisal of life as an American expatriate in modern day China while alternately chronicling her exploitation by a person in a position of trust. From the darkness of sin a story of courage and victory is penned.”

− David Krome, founding director, Tamar’s Voice

“You’ll be pulled right along, holding your breath to find out what happens next. … Jenkins shares something she has come to understand: ‘The brokenness and malfunction that was left in the wake of sin was in itself becoming a way of finding God.’ That’s a lesson that will stay with the reader. I hope Jenkins will continue to write and publish in her fresh style because she will surely touch the lives of many.”

− Shirley Brosius, author, Sisterhood of Faith

“The most hidden scandals of all are the ones kept secret in the church. In this powerful, personal story of betrayal, Susan Jenkins pulls no punches regarding her sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted pastor. I salute her courage and clarity.”

− Alice Scott-Ferguson, speaker and author, Mothers Can’t Be Everywhere and Irreconcilable Differences

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