Hostage In Taipei

A True Story of Forgiveness and Hope

by McGill Alexander

Memoir / World Events / Terrorism

The Alexanders showed the world a stunning example of Christ’s forgiveness in the midst of violence and revenge.

In 1997, the family of South African diplomat McGill Alexander were taken hostage by Taiwan’s most-wanted and feared criminal, Chen Chin-hsing. The family were held at gunpoint, used as human shields in gun battle with the police, and seriously wounded in the crossfire. Demanding justice for his imprisoned wife, Chen threatened to commit suicide once his mission was accomplished. Besieged by media and police, confusion ensued; but several heroes rose above the danger. Through God’s miraculous intervention, faith overcame and grasped the heart of Chen Chin-hsing. The Alexander’s showed the world a stunning example of Christ’s forgiveness in the midst of violence and revenge.

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 317 pp./ Illustrated: on-the-scene news photos and personal photos / ISBN: 9780967038629

Readers interested in world events, true-experience thrillers, and God’s amazing deliverance and answers to prayer will enjoy this book.

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6132_locked-up-abroad-taiwan-4_mfldmaxdfd6s5e7azqbncnhx2yoxpy7q62c4u66siw3t6qwph3oq_757x567A docudrama of the Alexander’s hostage story was produced and broadcast by National Geographic Television in the “Locked Up Abroad” series.

Hostage In Taipei is also available in paperback in Taiwan through Eslite Bookstores and in South Africa through Christian Liberty Books, and worldwide through online bookstores.

Reviews / Comments:

“You did a good deal of justice to the most fascinating news story Taiwan had seen in a decade or more. I also appreciate your honest, even-handed criticisms of both the police and the media, and straightforwardness in proclaiming your faith to God.”

David Frazier, features editor (at the time of the hostage event), The Taipei Times

“People were amazed how each member of this family could have acted so nobly, courageously and lovingly towards this most notorious criminal.”

Jennifer Sun, assoc. editor, Campus Magazine

“Very moving TRUE story. This book should be in every church library in America. It is a story full of hope!”

J. Moore,

“[Hostage In Taipei] is dramatic stuff; I was gripped!”

Jane Steer, then-editor, South China Morning Post Sunday Magazine

The Chinese translation of Hostage in Taipei is titled True Love and was published by Cosmax Publishing Company in Taiwan:


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