Glimpsing Glory


Poems of Living & Dying, Praying & Playing, Belonging & Longing

by Catherine Lawton

Full-Color Paintings/Illustrations by Breanna Slike

ISBN 978-1945099151
Paperback, 112 pgs, 5.5″ x 8.5″

Composed in lyrical, penetrating, sometimes playful words, these poems aim to evoke, provoke, and soak the reader in both the earthy and the transcendent. 66 poems, varied in style, are organized into 7 sections:

  1. Relating
  2. Communing
  3. Trusting
  4. Living
  5. Dying
  6. Praying
  7. Word-Playing

As the author states in the Introduction:

What do I mean by Glory? A taste, a flicker, a glimpse, a glimmer; a flash, a whisper, a rustling breeze; a fleeting moment that lingers on taste buds, nerve ends, rides overtones of sound, tingles with goose bumps of closeness, surprise, recognition…

God is for us, with us, in us, among us; but only in the glimpses—usually coming uninvited, unexpected—are we awake to God’s presence and life’s mysteries and surprises.

We may be awakened in momentary, sensory experiences—as the Spirit hovers over our chaos—of beauty, living things, a word spoken, thin places….

Moments in which we receive glimpses of glory are worth holding and treasuring. That is my purpose in writing these poems.

A few of the moments that inspired these poems include:

  • musing in an old-growth Redwood forest.
  • exploring an Island off the coast of Maine.
  • awe-struck in a Rocky Mountain meadow.
  • amazed by stars singing in the night sky.
  • finding hope in a wildlife-welcoming garden.
  • experiencing healing of painful memories.
  • attending births and deaths of loved ones.
  • affirming faith in the God of all creation.

Catherine Lawton (Cathy) lived most of her life in rural parts of Northern California, moving from one town to another as a preacher’s daughter. She learned to love evocative language, spoken or written from the heart, that paints a picture in the mind and, mixed with faith, awakens the spirit. She became a keen observer of both the vagaries of human nature and the wilds of outdoor nature. During college Cathy married her high-school sweetheart, and they raised their children near the north coast Redwoods. In mid-life she returned to her birth state of Colorado with her husband, Larry, where they enjoy hiking and observing wildlife in the Rocky Mountains, gardening, birding, and time with family and friends. Inner healing is a theme running through her writing, as she explores the depths of our relationships with – and need for – God, nature, and each other. Her previous books include Face to Face: A Novel and Remembering Softly: A Life In Poems and Something Is Coming To Our World .

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Terrific second book of poetry with beautiful illustrations. Some poems are of nature, some spiritual, some mourning losses, and some celebrating joys. I will keep on my bookshelf to return to again and again. Bravo! ~Mary Langer Thompson, past Senior Poet Laureate of California, posting on B&N . com

Carried on the wings of wondrous words, this poet unfolds her wide, deep vision of keenly observed and experienced life in all its facets. She digs deeply and deftly, unafraid to unearth doubts and fears as well as hopes and joys. This is real poetry from the heart of a tender, tenacious fellow-traveler… ~Alice Scott-Ferguson, poet, Amazon customer review

A joy, from the first page forward. ..the poems evoked so many feelings and thoughts, I had to take frequent breaks while reading. As I read, I kept whispering, ‘How did she even THINK of this? So beautiful!’ She is a gifted poet who captures the senses with breathtaking beauty; a poet who sees the ‘spaces between’—spaces not many are even aware of. I highly recommend this book as a gift, perhaps, or for your own reading (& thinking & feeling) pleasure. ~Susan Elaine Jenkins, teacher, speaker, author, posted on Amazon

Catherine Lawton delivers luminous, Christian spiritual walk poetry that blends the daily journey with God and the beauty and glory of God’s created world… A stunning poetry collection that will have you returning time and time to dip into her mastery and the majesty of her word magic. You’ll again share time with God and His creation as you recall and navigate through life’s journey with the author as your guide.” ~Jimmie Kepler, writer and poet, (from his review on) Goodreads

What a Book! This collection of poems … brought me back to my childhood and other events in my life in a gentle way. I felt as though a loving hand was caressing my cheek, reminding me of things I had long forgotten. Ms. Lawton’s descriptions were vivid and accurate. She captured the world around her in many of her poems. Even her poems about death were gentle, for a lack of any other word. The book reflects God’s love for us and the world he created. …Beautiful illustrations by Breanna Slike are colorful yet soft and fit perfectly with the overall tone of the book. Even if you are not a reader of poetry, I heartily recommend this book. ~Susan Bulanda, author, posted on her blog

Poet, writer, editor, and publisher Catherine Lawton’s second book of poems, Glimpsing Glory, shows a love of God and appreciation for nature, rhyme, contemplation, and prayer. ~Mary Harwell Sayler, poet, author and blogger at Poetry Editor