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With Palm Branches Waving

Jerusalem, the City of Peace where there was no peace, the City of the King that had no true king.
But as Jesus and his disciples—accompanied by a large crowd—made their way to the city for Passover, something happened.

A Sinful Woman Who Loved Much

One night I was very ill and out of nowhere, it seemed, the vision of this poem came to me. I thought of the woman in Luke 7 who anointed Jesus’ feet. And it just came to me like never before that, in Jesus, God was physically present in our world and to people. I…

Adoration and Celebration of the Christ Child in Poems by Mary Harwell Sayler

Meditate on these poems that praise, adore, and celebrate the Christmas Child.

Sweet Sorrow at Christmas

Hidden behind all the glitter, many people feel the pangs of sadness and loneliness more acutely during the Christmas season. If you have experienced a great loss at Christmastime, the holiday season awakens that grief again.

After the Storm: Creation Heals

  It seems God created this world with the capacity for healing built into it. I remember Kiki, my pediatrician friend, saying that she almost enjoyed it when she got a cut or other minor injury on a finger, because watching it heal was such a wonder. I took this statement from Kiki with a…

Life As a Journey

“Does the road wind up-hill all the way?” “Yes, to the very end.” “Does the day’s long journey take the whole long day?” “From morn to night, my friend.” This poem by Christina Rossetti has often given me encouragement to keep stepping onward and upward on my own life’s journey. Just recently, Rossetti’s poem came…

A Tale of Two Creeks

What stories these creeks could—and do—tell: of community…of clashing and contrasting worldviews, lifestyles, and civilizations…of promises and lies, of seeking and finding, of celebrating and mourning. A tale of two creeks, two stories of the land, the people, the times—reminding us that God is with us, working in seen and unseen ways to bring good out of rocks and ruins. Even though the Waters of Life seem at times to flow only in a trickle, or hidden underground, they will never stop until the day finally comes when all things are made new.

A Spiritual Adventure Story

GUEST POST by Dr. Mike Parker On Kitten Creek: Searching for the Sacred by Nancy Swihart is a remarkable, modern day adventure story about how one family, grounded in Christian love and guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit, developed a Christ-honoring community. The power of these verses is fulfilled in her book and life:…

Don’t Settle for Dormancy—Live Abundantly

Don’t settle into dormancy. Are you lacking the life-giving water necessary to initiate the germination process? Do you long for an abundant, seed-coat-busting life? Abandon your dry and routine life to him. Risk heat. Risk exposure. Risk growth. And take heart.

Even Under a Cloud of Smoke

One Cladach author, Dean Davis*, lives in Sonoma County. When the fire hit, he was recovering from surgery just three days prior. His wife, Linda, shared this encouraging update on Facebook. I share her words here with her permission. … The danger is not over yet. They “feel vulnerable yet under the shadow of His wings at the same time. Each day is a gift because He is with us.”