Catherine Lawton

Catherine (Cathy) Lawton

In all my writings I find myself exploring the depths of our relationships with—and need for—God, nature, and each other. I started “writing” as a toddler—scribbling in the margins of my father’s theology books. Later, I made up poems and stories to entertain my little sister and friends. I first had a poem published at the age of twelve—in a national children’s periodical. After that, the inner urge and outward call only grew stronger. I continued writing poetry, articles, fiction, and nonfiction.

My first novel, FACE TO FACE, is a literary imagining of the story of the bent-over woman healed by Jesus (in Luke 13). In my second book, JOURNEYS TO MOTHER LOVE, I (along with eight other women) share a personal story of trauma, grief, and healing in mother/daughter relationship. REMEMBERING SOFTLY: A Life In Poems is a compilation of poetry in various styles written throughout my life (up to 2015), that is essentially a spiritual and emotional memoir. SOMETHING IS COMING TO OUR WORLD is a story-in-verse picture book I first wrote and illustrated for my grandchildren, but it speaks to adults also. In GLIMPSING GLORY (2020) I share my recent poetry of relating, communing, living, dying, praying, and word playing.

I want to live, think, and write with an ever more free, expanding vision. I hope my books are helping and encouraging others to experience the present moments more fully, and to grow in awareness—and response to—the constant call of our creator who is both the transcendent God of love and is here, with us!

Much of my inspiration has come on mountain trails and meadows, in gardens and gatherings, and along rivers and salty shores. To me, life is an upward journey, an invitation to adventure, an unfolding story.

With a BA in English and training in education, theology and music, I worked at various times as a substitute teacher, a private piano teacher, a freelance writer and editor, a church musician, and a licensed minister in the Church of the Nazarene.

In 1999 I founded Cladach Publishing and for twenty-plus years I have worked to give opportunities to talented authors, producing books that show God at work in our world. My husband and I live in Colorado and enjoy our grown children and six grandchildren.

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