Catherine Lawton

Catherine Lawton is an author, poet, and essayist. In her writings she explores life as a relational adventure—with others, God, and creation—of learning love and growing in healthy faith and community. Her published books include Face to Face: a novel, Remembering Softly: A Life in Poems, and Glimpsing Glory. Her articles, poems, and meditations have appeared in many magazines, journals, and book compilations. Cathy earned a BA in English from Point Loma Nazarene University and a MSM (Master in Specialized Ministry) from Northwind Theological Seminary. She is co-owner (with her husband) and editor-in-chief of Cladach Publishing, and also serves as an editor at Northwind Seminary Press.

From Catherine:

I started ‘writing’ as a toddler—scribbling in the margins of my preacher-father’s theology books. Later, I made up poems and stories to entertain my little sister and friends. At age 12 I had a poem published nationally. After that, the inner urge and outward call kept growing. I continued writing poetry, essays, fiction, and nonfiction, with bylines in many periodicals, journals, and anthologies. Much of my inspiration has come on hilly paths and meadows, in gardens and gatherings, and along rivers and salty shores.

Experience as a stay-at-home mother as well as a part-time substitute teacher, private piano teacher, church musician, licensed minister in the Church of the Nazarene, and freelance writer and editor prepared me for starting up Cladach Publishing. For twenty-plus years I have collaborated to give opportunities to talented Christian authors, producing books that show God at work in our world and people working with God, for good. After living most of our lives in Northern California, my husband, Larry, and I now reside in Colorado where we enjoy road trips, house guests, mountain hikes, gardening, birding, and visits and celebrations with our two married children and six grandchildren.

I want to live, think, and write with an ever-expanding vision with trust in our loving God. I hope my books are helping and encouraging others to experience the present moments more fully, and to grow in awareness of—and response to—the constant call and care of our Creator.

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