Catherine Lawton

Catherine Lawton is a writer, poet, and editor. Living in California and Colorado, enjoying both the ocean and the mountains, Catherine has participated—with others and with God—in ministries of music, teaching, missions, and inner-healing prayer. In her writing she explores life as a relational adventure–with God, all creation, and each other. Her published (Cladach) books include Face to Face: A Novel (2004), Remembering Softly: A Life In Poems (2017), and Glimpsing Glory: Poems of Living & Dying, Praying & Playing, Belonging & Longing (2020). Catherine has contributed essays to several book compilations, including Uncontrolling Love: Essays Exploring the Love of God (SacraSage, 2017), Lean Towards The Light (GodSpace, 2020), and Partnering With God (forthcoming from SacraSage, 2021).

From Catherine:

I started ‘writing’ as a toddler—scribbling in the margins of my preacher father’s theology books. Later, I made up poems and stories to entertain my little sister and friends. I first had a poem published nationally at the age of twelve. After that, the inner urge and outward call kept growing. I continued writing poetry, essays, fiction, and nonfiction. Much of my inspiration comes on mountain trails and meadows, in gardens and gatherings, and along rivers and salty shores.

I want to live, think, and write with an ever more free, expanding vision with trust in our loving, relational God. I hope my books are helping and encouraging others to experience the present moments more fully, and to grow in awarenessand response tothe constant care and call of our creator who is both the God of transcendent love and is here, with us!

With a BA in English, training in education and music, and graduate studies in theology, I have worked at various times as a substitute teacher, a piano teacher, a church musician, a licensed preacher, and a freelance writer and editor.

In 1999 I founded Cladach Publishing and for twenty-plus years have worked to give opportunities to talented authors, producing books that show God at work in our world and people working with him, for good. My husband and I live in Colorado and enjoy our grown children and six growing grandchildren.

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