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Adoration and Celebration of the Christ Child in Poems by Mary Harwell Sayler

Meditate on these poems that praise, adore, and celebrate the Christmas Child.

Winter’s Coming ~ Get Ready

Depending on what part of the country/world you live in, you may have already winterized your home by “backing out” the sprinkler system, cutting back perennials in the garden, mulching roses, bringing in or covering patio furniture, checking insulation around windows and doors, etc. Here in Colorado we have done some of those things. Days…

Finding Christmas Treasure

What are you looking for this Christmas? Just the right GIFT for a loved one? More MEANING in every part of the season’s celebrations? The same PEACE that the angels proclaimed to the Shepherds? Elusive JOY that Christmas seems to promise but that seems to get buried in the hustle and bustle? In Donna Westover’s…

Reading Together

Take a little time during holiday activities and read something together: a story, a poem, an Advent devotional, a Psalm, Luke chapter 2, a children’s book. You’ll create closeness and enrich your Christmas celebration.