May 15, 2021

Upcoming events featuring Cladach Authors:

Janyne McConnaughey will present at the 2021 International eConference on Religious Trauma May 29-30. Dr. McConnaughey’s topic will be “Religious Abuse and the Trauma of Perceived Spiritual Failure”.  Learn more HERE.

Catherine Lawton will present workshops at two writers conferences during summer 2021: The Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference, June 24-26, and the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in August 26-28. She is teaching workshops on poetry, marketing, and creative nonfiction. According to the director of both conferences, Marlene Bagnull, this year the conferences will be held in a virtual format. Find information about both conferences HERE.

Gayle M. Irwin will be a participating author at the Wild Deadwood Reads event in historic Deadwood, South Dakota June 19th, 2021. Learn more HERE.


March 10, 2021

Janyne McConnaughey, PhD, author of the BRAVE Series, who is a trauma-informed author and advocate, announces that she has launched Brave Spaces at

Janyne’s introductory message reads:

If you are a survivor of trauma, as a child or as an adult, this safe and compassionate space was created for you.

As a survivor of abuse and trauma, I understand how important it is for you to feel safe and believe healing is possible. Please know that what happened was not your fault!

If your healing is just beginning,

BRAVE Spaces was created with you in mind! Healing is possible! Begin your path to healing here . . . 

December 16, 2020

Dennis Ellingson, author of God’s Healing Herbs and God’s Wild Herbs is again leading his Plants of the Bible Walks at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Arizona, where he shares his knowledge and well as his faith, as an educational guide each winter.

Catherine Lawton, editor at Cladach and poet and author of several books, had a Christmas story/meditation published in the book, Lean Towards The Light This Advent & Christmas, compiled by Christine Aroney-Sine and Lisa DeRosa and released by Godspace. The book follows the Celtic Christian Advent season. Lawton’s story is “The Light of Life Shines Into the Darkness of Death.”

Mary Harwell Sayler, poet and author of PRAISE! POEMS contributed a poem, “When God Gave Us Jesus,” to the above mentioned Advent devotional volume from Godspace.


September 18, 2020

Cladach authors use ingenuity, opportunity, and technology to reach out to their readers and to share their message.

Donna Marie Merritt officially launched her new book, Bible Poems, at the Litchfield (Connecticut) Community Center “Tent Talk” 5:00-6:30 pm, September 17.

Donna reports, “What a lovely, reflective, supportive audience. Some came with their copies to be signed and some bought copies there—and they asked the best questions during the presentation!”

(Pictured at left: Local newspaper write-up of Merritt’s book launch)

Janyne McConnaughey, author of three BRAVE titles (including the just-released A Brave Life: Survival, Resilience, Faith & Hope After Childhood Trauma), presented the Sept. 3 Webinar: “How to Be a Healing Church: Mental Health, Trauma-Informed Ministry, and Our Wesleyan Theology” produced by the Church of the Nazarene, Sunday School & Discipleship.

Janyne’s presentation gave an overview of the effects of childhood trauma. 500+ attendees received information and encouragement for de-stigmatizing mental health and promoting spiritual growth in local church bodies. Far too many questions were sent in for the time allowed, so Janyne is devoting her blog, in the near future, to answering the questions.

Click here for Janyne’s introduction and link to video recording of the Sept 3 Webinar.

Gayle M. Irwin, prolific author and journalist in Wyoming where Covid 19 outbreaks and lockdowns are not as severe as many places, and physical bookstores are opening up again, participated in ​book signings at both a Christian store and a local Indie store southern Wyoming. Cladach Publishing released Gayle’s devotional memoir, Walking In Trust : Lessons Learned with my Blind Dog in 2012 and is seeing continued sales of, and interest in, Gayle’s timeless stories and insights.

Catherine Lawton, contributes regularly to Christine Sine’s blog, Godspace. Cathy’s poem, “A More Excellent Way” (excerpted from her latest collection of poetry, Glimpsing Glory: Poems of Living & Dying, Praying & Playing, Belonging & Longing) was featured at Godspace on Sept. 16. Click HERE to view the poem/post.

Judith Galblum Pex had the thrill this month of seeing her book, Come, Stay, Celebrate! (Cladach, 2014) released in Israel in the Hebrew language by an Israeli publisher. Judy reports that, “We received our copies of the new Hebrew translation, simply titled The Shelter (cover shown at left). The publisher felt it would help the younger generation of believers here to understand aspects of the history of the Messianic movement in Israel. I pray that God will use this book for His glory.”

Come, Stay, Celebrate! has been translated into German and Dutch as well.


August 12, 2020

Early in the Pandemic, amidst illness and event cancellations, our publication schedule was delayed. Now, we are happy to report, two titles originally planned for Spring release are today literally “hot off the press.” Both titles are officially launching on September 1.

BIBLE POEMS for Reflection and Response

by Donna Marie Merritt

. . .

. . .

A BRAVE LIFE : Survival, Resilience, Faith & Hope After Childhood Trauma (third book in the BRAVE Series)

by Janyne McConnaughey PhD

Both titles can be ordered NOW through Cladach, Amazon, B&N, and local independent Bookstores.


February 10, 2020

Author McGill Alexander‘s hostage crisis story / testimony has garnered increased media attention lately on both podcasts and TV:

Hostage In Taipei : A True Story of Forgiveness and Hope by McGill Alexander

This memoir by now-retired South African ambassador and brigadier general tells the dramatic hostage story that occurred in Taiwan. A few years after the book was released, National Geographic TV broadcast a docudrama of this amazing story and testimony of the Alexander’s, which was re-enacted by a British production company. Now the “Locked-up Abroad” episodes, including this one (Season 1, Ep. 10: “Taiwan”), have become available on Amazon video. Viewers of the docudrama sometimes search for more about the story and land on Alexander’s Wikipedia page, and finally finding and reading the book, Hostage In Taipei. One such viewer / searcher / reader was a Christian media person, Ethan Nicolle, who then invited McGill Alexander as a guest on two podcasts he helps produce.

 Artwork for Audio Mullet #35: How To Forgive The Man Who Shot Your Daughter 1. Audio Mullet #35: How To Forgive The Man Who Shot Your Daughter (click to the audio- Or, even better, watch video of the episode on Youtube here.

Doug TenNapel and Ethan Nicolle welcome special guest McGill Alexander from South Africa, who was in an intense hostage situation many years ago while living in Taiwan. A notorious murderer and rapist held his family hostage for 26 hours, shooting McGill and his daughter – both survived. McGill and his wife later brought a Bible to the man who held them hostage and led him to Christ, forgiving him for what he put them through. This interview is all about that act – loving those who are your enemies, praying for those who persecute you. Why are we called to do it and what does it mean?

(In the 40-minute interview, McGill tells the story with such passion and freshness, you’d think it happened yesterday.)

2. Babylon Bee podcast hosted McGill on Jan 24. This one is probably even more indepth and thoughtful. You can listen to this 48-minute podcast segment on this page: Forgiving The Man Who Took My Family Hostage: The McGill Alexander Interview Jan 24, 2020.

Many people on social media will recognize the Babylon Bee as a Christian / Political satire site. There are good vibes but no satire this time, as the story is deadly serious, has eternal ramifications, and has provided challenging, inspiring testimony to the world. In their interview, Kyle Mann and Ethan Nicolle covered these topics and more:

    • McGill’s story : How this hostage event happened and who the criminal was

    • McGill’s Christian faith

    • How did McGill get through this horrible event?

    • Forgiveness- what is it and what does it look like?

    • How long did it take to forgive, was this a process, and what was going through his mind as all this was happening?

    • Is forgiveness completely unconditional?

    • Does forgiveness condone the evil?

    • We live in a “show no mercy” culture nowadays, especially on social media. How does forgiveness shape how we approach this culture?

We at Cladach appreciate the length of these podcasts and the time they gave McGill to tell his story, as well as the excellent questions and subjects covered in the discussions. (Thank you, Ethan.) We are also pleased at the increase in sales we have noticed as a result of these media opportunities. And we are even more pleased that the Alexander’s story is reaching ever-widening audiences.

3. In another part of the world, McGill Alexander was invited to Indonesia by CNA, an English-language Asian news network, to appear in an episode of The Negotiators to tell his hostage-crisis story, which was also reenacted. The 47-minute episode can be viewed at:

The Negotiators: Ep 2: Taipei Hostage Crisis (Updated: ) Taiwan’s most-wanted criminal holds a South African diplomat’s family hostage at gunpoint. Negotiators find themselves trying to do their work in the midst of a frantic media circus.


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