About CLADACH Publishing


Cladach is pronounced: Kla’ dak ~ This Scottish Gaelic word means “shore” as in “seashore.” “Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore” (John 21:4). The Lord sends us forth on life’s sea to venture for him, then welcomes us to the safety of his shore; and always he is with us.

As a small press, we publish in the following categories:

We purpose to:

  • know God as loving Creator, Father, and Redeemer.
  • witness to God’s loving and gracious presence and work in all creation.
  • through artful stories, depict grace in a postmodern world, believing that God seeks to renew all things.

We believe in historic, biblical Christianity expressed through a personal faith in Jesus Christ and a life of love and service to God and others through the transforming and enabling presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

We may be contacted at:

Cladach Publishing

PO Box 336144

Greeley, Colorado 80633

office (at) cladach . com