Physa Chanmany

PhysaPhysa grew up in Battambang Province of Cambodia, survived the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge regime, and escaped to Thailand at the age of 19. He is now a naturalized citizen of the U.S., and an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. He is the pastor of a church in Long Beach, California. Physa is married and has three children.

Physa’s story is told in NO MORE FEAR : From Killing Fields to Harvest Fields.

A Message from Physa Chanmany

I believe the book No More Fear, which tells my story, can help people overcome their own fears and experience peace and hope.

People are plagued by fears of an uncertain future, fear of losing a job, fear of those in authority, fear of thieves and robbers, fear of sudden tragedy and disease.

In my case, I had two great fears: the fear of ghosts, and the fear of being killed. The first came from my childhood upbringing in an Cambodian jungle village steeped in animist and spiritist beliefs and practices.

The second fear resulted from the years of my youth I spent in Communist work camps under the Khmer Rouge regime, where I daily witnessed senseless, genocidal slaughter, hatred, and starvation. When I escaped Cambodia, I didn’t get away from the overwhelming fear that caused recurring nightmares and threatened to cripple my life. I thought if a ghost didn’t get me, a Communist soldier would; or I thought I would be enslaved by an American or European whom the Communists had taught me to fear.

All humans have some sort of fears, great or small. Fear affects emotion, mind, and body. If a person’s fears cause harm or hinder a life of health and wholeness, the individual must seek help. I sought the Lord Jesus when I first heard of Him, at the age of 19. He revealed Himself to me. And He helped me overcome fear and terror.

For more details, read my story. Read about what happened when I was separated from my culture, home, and family and I cried out in desperation to the living, Supreme God.