Love Rekindled

 by Candi Adermatt

Fiction / Contemporary

When a wayward husband returns to his wife and children after many years of separation, will they believe he has changed … and how can they forgive him?

As a medical crisis forces the family members to face their fears, hurts, and true desires, and the conflict develops toward a surprise resolution, the reader will feel the ebb and flow of subtle emotional tensions. Enjoy this relationship story that is told with an unusual twist—from the man’s point of view.

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 200 pp./ ISBN: 9780967038698




“Candy Adermatt’s style of writing is captivating.”

Charlene West, The Quiet Hour

“Candi Adermatt reveals keen insight into the complexities of marriage and the barriers that families often face as they follow the difficult path toward forgiveness and reconciliation.”

− Joseph Bentz, author of At Close of Day, A Son Comes Home, and Dreams of Caladria

“A wonderful story of redemption, forgiveness, and reconciliation… Beautifully addresses issues such as suffering, meaning, spiritual commitment, and the truth that people can change. [Candi Adermatt’s] ability to develop characters and express the complexity of their relationships is evident.”

− Dr. Holli Eaton

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