POEMS by James Troy Turner

Troy Turner and his dog, Pedro, with his two companion volumes of poetry

An AGATES Book of Poetry

Be prepared to look at the depths of the heart and beliefs of a man who loves his friends and family, his country and his God. These pieces of honest, heartfelt verse express disappointments and hopes, doubts and faith, failures and successes. If you have ever loved and lost, struggled to make ends meet and make sense of life … especially if you remember the era of the Vietnam War, of which Mr. Turner is a veteran … then it’s likely you will relate to feelings expressed in these poems.

ISBN 9780989101462
Paperback, 110 pgs., 5″ x 8″



Also available: Volume 2

Hard cover, 110 pgs., 5.25″ x 8.25″



“Metered rhyme that is sometimes emotional, sometimes whimsical, but always thoughtfuleasy to read and contains moments of genuine poetic beauty….The panoply of human emotion is there; forgiveness, loneliness, awe of nature, and the bittersweet memory of unrequited love—all of the things poets write and the rest of us read because they express them for us.–Jeff Rice, Journal-Advocate, Sterling, Colorado

“Reading [these poems], you can’t help but notice the honesty, faith, and immediacy expressed in the rhythmic, often rhyming lines. …fresh, unpretentious insight … humor … vulnerability and an active mind.” –Mary Harwell Sayler, poet, author, and blogger at The Poetry Editor and Poetry

“Troy has a unique poetic voice. In a rustic way, these poems are quite powerful. My favorite ones are ‘Looking Into You’ and ‘God.'” –Beverly Coons, poetry aficionado and retired English teacher

“These poems are simple, clear, straightforward, heartfelt, thoughtful, patriotic, deep, warm and engaging. Reading James Troy Turner is like having a conversation with a good friend. I highly recommend his poems!” –Jeff Moore, pastor and poet


James Troy Turner has written poems most of his life, jotting them down as they came to him, on notebook paper, in journals, sometimes even on napkins. In his unique voice, with touches of both pathos and humor, his poetry expresses a working man’s struggles, longings, and affirmations of family, country, love, friendship, and faith.

Troy (as he’s known to friends and family) was born in 1949 to parents who moved state to state following the harvest of various fruits. Troy attended many schools and struggled with academics. However, at Woodlin High School in northeast Colorado, one inspiring teacher instilled in him the desire to write. After graduation he joined the U.S. Navy and served in the Mediterranean on the USS Canisteo during the Vietnam War. After military service, Troy attended Denver Automotive and Diesel College. He is known as a straight shooter and a man who, in spite of many hard knocks, appreciates life and loves God. Now retired, he lives on the northeastern plains of Colorado with his dog, Pedro.

Troy enjoys seeing new places and going fishing.

Troy Turner with a trout he caught in the Rocky Mountains



I kneel before You on bended knees,

praying for forgiveness

For all the evils I have done

to which You are the witness.

It comes to me to come to You.

Your open arms wait patient.

The sins were trapped with my soul;

I was an evil servant.

You cleansed my soul and healed me up

with tender love and care.

I only wish that I had known

that You were always there. …


Look into the still, cool stream,

mind wandering, wandering, wandering.

Look into your rambling soul.

My friend, where will the venture

bring your conscious mind?—

Deep into the dark pit

of subconscious meditation

till you stand freely,

unmoving, unfeeling, unknowing.

You may stay in this world of the dead

if you wish,

willing never to return.

But don’t stay.

Go to the sun instead: shining, gleaming,

showing the way to others

who stand with you at their side.


I watch the snowflakes as they fall;

They hit the ground and fade away,

So soft and gentle as they touch;

So dry, a tear holds twice as much.

Beautiful to see, so fragile to hold,

No tears could ever be so cold.


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