That Was the Best Christmas!

25 Short Stories from the Generations

by A.R. Cecil

Fiction / Literature / Short Stories

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 176 pp. / Illustrations at chapter heads

ISBN: 9780989101400

25 very short stories, perfect for daily reading during the Advent Season and all year. Read them for your own enjoyment. Or share them with your children or grandchildren.

These heartwarming stories are set during the holidays in the years between 1906 and today, amid historic events when people came together and found opportunities to exchange the true gifts of Christmas: kindness, encouragement, forgiveness, peace, hope, belonging, and more. The main character of each story is a boy or girl, man or woman whose heart opens to give or receive love, bringing personal transformation and causing them to always look back and say, “That was the best Christmas!” Each story is penned by A.R. Cecil with a gentle twinkle in her eye, giving the reader delightful twists of plot, and revealing Mrs. Cecil’s warm understanding of human relationships—with each other and with the Creator who sent his Son that first Christmas Day. A story collection that will rekindle the reader’s own memories, giving perspective to the present and hope for the future.

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“Each one of these stories concerns a very specific, intangible Christmas gift, which is explained at the beginning of every story. All the characters whom the author has painted, have a way of drawing the reader into their stories. Get to know Joseph Wakefield, the members of the Sullivan family, the Radcliffe family, Mr. Damato, Simon Jeffery Thomas Bradshaw, Mr. Henry Milburn and Scott, the Carmichael family, Max Rodriguez and Mrs. Sophia Garcia, Mr. Richards and Mrs. Mattingly, Gray Lady, Emma (“in the middle”) and Mr. Johnson, Grace Armstrong and Paul Underwood, and Mr. Thurman—to name a few. In addition, these stories will inform the reader what “mashed potatoes,” buttons, and plates have to do with Christmas, after all! Many of the stories invite the reader into the Christmases of bygone days, but they can still relate to Christmas this year and in the future. Mrs. Cecil has not written simply ordinary Christmas stories; she has composed quite sublime ones for us.”

− Marilyn A. Anderson

“A.R. Cecil has a real gift to inspire and tug at heartstrings. Young and old will be inspired and enjoy.”

− Judy Russell

I enjoyed each story and would recommend this book to anyone wanting something to read during Christmas to help you get in the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.”

− Shelia Garrison

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