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Moments Morph into Poems

These moments can change us if we allow them to, if we open our hearts to receive what they have to give. I think that is true of good poetry as well.

On Veteran’s Day – Honoring Our Authors Who Have Served

Today (and every Veterans Day) we especially acknowledge and thank these Cladach Authors who have served in the Armed Forces of their Country and the cause of freedom: 1. John Buzzard Served in the U.S. Navy during Operation Desert Storm. Buzzard tells a lot of his Navy experience in his memoir Storm Tossed (under the…

Animals in the Fires

Watching the fire, my first thoughts were for people and homes. Then I began to wonder about pets, livestock, and wildlife.

Books Showing Up in Every Corner of the World

As a publisher, I love to hear stories of how our titles have found their way into every corner of the world and into the hands of readers. I occasionally hear from authors with stories like the following. From Judy Pex, author of Walk the Land : A Journey on Foot through Israel : “Last…

More Poetry and Art — Between the Generations

I’m collaborating with one of my granddaughters here. Her bright and beautiful painting and my recent poem about “Glory.”

The Business Side

Larry’s workshop at Colorado Christian Writers Conference yesterday was titled, “The Business Side.” A motivated group of men and women engaged in hands-on learning about setting up a writing or publishing business, including how-tos for tracking sales, invoicing, managing inventory, taxes, choosing accounting software, and much more. He was definitely wearing Cladach’s BUSINESS EXECUTIVE hat!…

Giving Birth

The birth of a baby — or a book. What could be more awe-inspiring than the birth of a new life? From the time I knew my daughter was expecting her third child until a few days ago— all during the nine-month gestation period— we prayed and dreamed and worked and waited and prepared and…

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