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Experiencing the People and Places of the Stories

From their home and ministry in Eilat, Israel, she and her husband, John, have a unique perspective on the Middle East—and the world—

“Trail Angels” for Jesus in Israel

(In Hebrew with English subtitles) Judith Galblum Pex writes from Eilat, Israel: Shalom dear friends, …We just want to share with you a short video clip that the Israel Broadcasting Company made about the Shelter Hostel as part of their new digital series about Trail Angels. I mentioned our interaction and help with the Israel…

Judy Pex on Caring for Sudanese Refugees

How are we to think about the Refugee Crises in the world? Here’s a good example of responding to an influx of refugees. This Christian couple living in Israel saw new people groups come and responded immediately with God’s love.

Walking~and Loving~the Land (Favorite Photos #2)

God said to Abraham, “Rise, and walk the land.” (Genesis 13:17) What better way to become acquainted with the rocks, the dust, the fauna, the flora, the smells, the tastes, the changing colors than to stand in it, walk on it, be sheltered at night by it, rest your body upon it? To let your…

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