Mark Fraley

Mark FraleyMark grew up in France as a child of Christian missionaries. From a young age he drew countless pictures, including cars, jets, and dogs. This passion for putting pen to paper came into full bloom when faced with the challenge of his life, cancer. His three kids and his wife brought the calm needed to face this battle with courage, and God placed a deep-rooted peace that remained beyond just the moment of fervent prayer. He works as an artist and an early-childhood educator in Nampa, Idaho. More of his sketches and collages may be viewed at

Mark is the author / illustrator of  CREATION OF CALM : A Cancer Survivor’s Sketchbook Story.


A Message from Mark

The act of seeking is essential to life. When faced with turmoil and struggle, I often take the posture of a seeker. In the pages of this book I have compiled a series of sketchbook entries that span six years and tell the story of my battles with cancer. I have re-drawn and re-worked them to fit this format; however, the message put forward is intact: This act of seeking was one that revealed a loving God at work when everything in my life appeared to be crumbling.


Samples of Mark’s Art from Creation of Calm
16StomachAche 47CurlyHair 51FollowingSurgery
56CancerBrokeMe Fraley,87842 Fraley,87841
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