Mary Harwell Sayler

Mary began reading the Bible and writing poems as a child and has since placed 28 books in all genres with Christian and educational publishers. Over 2,000 of her poems, articles, devotionals, and children’s stories have appeared in magazines, take-home papers, anthologies, and e-zines. She has also written 3 Kindle e-books on various aspects of writing, and she regularly blogs on Bible topics and poetry. Her forthcoming book, PRAISE! resulted from the theme she believed the Lord had given her for the year.

Learn more about Mary’s other books of poetry, as well as her nonfiction, devotional, and children’s books at:

PRAISE! Poems releases March 30, 2017.

Click to Pre-Order from




  4 comments for “Mary Harwell Sayler

  1. April 11, 2017 at 5:05 am

    A lyrical celebration of everyday miracles, mystical mysteries, and spiritual introspection. Faith inspires this series of praise poems that sing a song of serenity. Even the Table of Contents reads like a Psalm!” –Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi, poet and author of Fall Tenderly and Poem To Follow

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