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Finding Christmas Treasure

What are you looking for this Christmas?

Just the right GIFT for a loved one?

More MEANING in every part of the season’s celebrations?

The same PEACE that the angels proclaimed to the Shepherds?

Elusive JOY that Christmas seems to promise but that seems to get buried in the hustle and bustle?

In Donna Westover’s story, The Crimson River, Charlie’s descendants are looking for a treasure that Charlie hid many years ago. They have a map and Charlie’s diary for clues. In the twists and turns of their search, Jake, Larran, and Emma, with their various personal motives and conflicts, cling to hopes of uncovering something that will help them reconnect with lost riches and heritage. What they find is the true heritage left by Charlie, their uncle and grandfather: FAITH.

Admittedly, it is unusual to give away the last chapter of a book; but that’s what Cladach is doing here. And we are calling it “Charlie’s Treasure.”

Enjoy the short read. And may the Christ of Christmas help you find and experience the treasure He has prepared for you, buried within the season, flowing like a Crimson River from generation to generation.

Merry Christmas!

Charlies Treasure

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