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A Child’s Poetic Expression of Faith on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

As we say, as

we sing, Glory to

the King almighty.


Let us sing, let

us say Christ

has risen from

the grave! The

Lord is great,

the Lord is


He forgave us

of our sins!!


—Written by one of my granddaughters (age 10 or 11 at the time) during an Easter Sunday church service as we celebrated Christ’s resurrection. I found this joyful verse written on the back of a bulletin I brought home in my purse. She gave me permission to share it but asked to remain anonymous. This child’s spontaneous expression of faith inspires me anew to praise the One who is risen indeed!


Easter is the Reason

Easter (that is, Jesus’ resurrection) is the whole reason why I …

  • have hope in the future.
  • find prayer, praise, and song rising from within me.
  • must also die (to self) but can also truly live.
  • desire to tell others about the empty tomb.
  • have something worth telling/writing about.
  • want to publish the Good News!