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Unwrapping Winter Wonders

Carol O’Casey, author of Unwrapping Wonder: Find Hope In the Gift of Nature is tuned to the wonders of nature and of nature’s God. But she says this backyard nature experience (wild birds eating from her hand) amazed even her. She says, “Chickadees are fairly inquisitive and bold, but both Goldfinches and Pygmy Nuthatches eating…

Searching and Seeking

An October walk through New England woods

Photo: David Lawton

“For the Lord searches all hearts and minds, and understands  all the wanderings of the thoughts. If you seek him … you will find him” (1 Chronicles 28:9, AMP).

Glory of Autumn


Background photo credit: Can Stock Photo/solarseven

On this Holocaust Memorial Day : a Holocaust Survivor Remembers the Pet She Left Behind

Bogar One story in the book Faithful Friends tells about a little mixed-breed, playful dog named Bogar, loved by the Rubin family in Hungary. In 1944 “the unthinkable happened.” Cathy Rubin, a little girl at the time says, “We heard a commotion outside. On a loud-speaker the soldiers told all Jews to line up in…

Eternal Snows and A Sacrifice of Love

Soon after we moved from California to Colorado, we had a blizzard during Easter week—a new experience for me. Pure white snow covered the ground when I wanted spring color to dot the landscape. But during that holy week, the pervasive, gleaming whiteness began taking on significance and speaking to my heart. The words of…

A Crown of Thorns

If a thorn bush could think, how might it have mourned to know its branches hurt the very One who made it?

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