Daughter of the Isles

A memoir

by Alice Scott-Ferguson

“A captivating, poignant, and transformative journey….This beautifully-written memoir will resonate with those seeking inspiration, spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be fully human.” –FRAN STEDMAN

Alice’s unique perspectives have encouraged countless women on both sides of the Atlantic, through her speaking and writing. Now, for the first time Alice gives details of her Shetland Island childhood under the Northern Lights, beside the ebb and flow of the sea, on the carefree sands, and within a crofter’s cottage home. We follow her through challenges of Mainland schooling and boarding, then marriage, motherhood, ministry, and widowhood. We witness how her growing and evolving faith steadied her through turbulent tides and winds of change—currents that carried Alice to unexpected and undreamed-of adventures far from her native isles, to Ireland, England, Germany, and the United States. May the experiences and wisdom shared eloquently in this book shine light on the path of women young and old in the challenges they face today.

Alice Scott-Ferguson’s previous titles include Pausing in the Passing Places and Unpaused.


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“In this remarkable journey of personal growth and spiritual development, we witness Alice’s transformation from a passionate warrior fighting for women’s empowerment to a serene and confident individual who finds solace in the finished work of Christ. We can all learn from the humility she displays in acknowledging the need for new perspectives on God’s grace. This beautifully-written memoir will resonate with those seeking inspiration, spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be fully human.”
Fran Stedman, therapist and teacher in London, England, and co-editor of Partnering With God

“With both prose and poetry, the beauty of family, the world, and her faith rise from the pages. The combination of goodness, grace, and grief that visits every woman’s life is portrayed with honesty. Alice’s determination to stay true to her core beliefs while adjusting her thinking in other areas was inspiring. In this book’s pages, I found courage to face the complex feelings of aging. Thank you!”
Janyne McConnaughey, PhD, author of A Brave Life and Trauma in the Pews

“In Daughter of the Isles Alice Scott-Ferguson provides an inspiring, adventure-filled journey. The reader will be transported to various countries and remarkable experiences all while watching her deepening spiritual formation and ministry to women. An unforgettable memoir.”
Amy Whitehouse, author of Out of the Vortex: A Memoir

“Alice’s story is enhanced throughout with her eloquent poetry that dances across the pages like the waves of her native Isles. Like the rolling of the of the seas surrounding her Celtic heritage, her championing of women is woven throughout her life’s work. Alice shares her love of living a rich life as she seizes opportunities to thrive in every circumstance, while profoundly professing the empowering Spirit as the source of her increasing faith.”
Jean Petersen, award-winning author of Kind Soup and Big Sky Bounty Cookbook

“This memoir is more than the story of an amazing life. Alice Scott-Ferguson pours her mastery of language, poetic prose, deep spiritual insights, wit, and intelligence into Daughter of the Isles. You will grow to know Alice better as you see the impact of the experiences that made her the incredible woman she is. And in the process, you will come to a richer, deeper understanding of yourself, as well.”
Nancy Parker Brummett, author of The Hope of Glory and Take My Hand Again

A Word from Alice:

“I grew up with Celtic roots, in the farthest reaches of the United Kingdom, the Shetland Islands, where the sun never sets in summer and the aurora borealis dances in the long, dark winter skies. Our table conversations were loud, lively and searching; the meaning of life, legend and the ways of nature were all up for examination then woven with wonder into the tapestry of a strong faith, which became the resting place for all our speculation. In that setting I began to express who I was, filling pages of paper with my stories.”