Season of Forgiveness



A Novel

by Templa Melnick

Fiction / Historical / Frontier / Colorado

Paperback / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / 272 pp.

ISBN: 9780989101417

Emma is a little woman with a big heart, who can to ride, shoot, love, and pray!

Emma Johnson juggles family, friends, and pioneer chores, all the while dealing with threats to her own life, those she loves, and the safety of the ranch on the western slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains in the early 1900s. Families, schools, and churches are moving into Riverbend, where gold assessors, saloons, and brothels have prevailed. Conflicts arise between miners, ranchers, bankers, railroad tycoons, Indians, and lawmen. Emma finds herself involved in the rescue and restoration of three emotionally-wounded women. As hope, beauty, and new life blossom, the four female characters uncover an evil plot and learn the meaning of forgiveness. This debut historical novel shows us what women encountered in the West, especially in gold-rush boom towns. And it demonstrates the difference that faith, prayer, resourcefulness, and self-sacrifice make in any hard situation. Watch for the sequel, Season of Redemption, to release in 2016.

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Season of Forgiveness is a testament to what we all have to deal with in learning to forgive others who have hurt us and realize that God’s love supersedes what others may think. Emma has to struggle with racial prejudice, Daisy has to deal with finding her own self worth, Dee needs to come to terms with others’ preconceived notions of her past, and Sally needs to learn how to move on when her husband abandons her in search for gold. I easily rate this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is the first novel in the Seasons in Riverbend series as well as the debut for Templa Melnick, and I personally can’t wait for the next one!”

Reviews from the Heart

“Finding the courage and strength to survive the ruggedness of life can come from those who surround you; your family and true friends. Finding peace during life altering challenges can come from the love of a good spouse. But finding the balance of all three and the source from which they come is found in prayer. Season of Forgiveness is a perfect example of how God, through prayer, not only provides, but how prayer changes lives, especially our own.”

− Donna Westover Gallup, author of the Frontier Fiction series Mysterious Ways

This book was not at all what I was expecting. It started out easy going. Soon, it was shocking and a bit scary! Then, about the time I wasn’t sure if I should just bypass some major trauma, it all started changing. What Daisy was going through, oh my goodness!… God moves in the lives of these vividly shared people in the Old West. Everything that makes “The Old West” be what movies make it out to be, is all in this book with nothing left out. What is in this book that isn’t in many of the movies is following one Christian family as they make a difference in the lives of those around them. Emma and her husband, and their large group of children impact lives, while their lives are impacted as well. That is what makes this book real. This is a historically placed book, that focuses on Forgiveness while dealing with real life situations. This is a very good book to read, but I would not recommended it for teens without some guidance with a few situations. If you’re interested in a real life take of how a Christian family could have lived (and probably did!) in this time frame, this book is for you!”

Carol E. Keen, author and blogger