Jeanie Flierl


Jeanie lives and works (as a business owner) in Evergreen, Colorado. She has studied under prominent Christian authors Angela Hunt, Nancy Rue and Bill Myers.

Jeanie loves people, the mountains, and good stories. She is the debut author of the forthcoming (June 2017) novel: To Conquer a Mountain.


The story takes place in the mountains of Colorado and combines the thrill of mountain rescue with the adventures of a woman named Tatum, who learns that God’s leading comes in unexpected packages and sometimes calls us to overcome fears and step out in faith.

Tatum Kessler, a timid thirty-something woman, actively avoids adventure. When she meets mountain-climber Eric Martin, her safe, no-risk outlook on life is challenged. Life becomes anything but dull.

Soon engaged to be married to Eric, Tatum finds, however, that what seems too good to be true, probably is. Through the suspense and intrigue that follow, she learns that all believers like herself can be flawed, and that risks of love are worth taking.

Coming July 1, 2017

ISBN 9781945099014


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