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Easter is the Reason


(that is, Jesus’ resurrection)

is the reason why I …

    • have hope in the future.
    • find prayer, praise, and song rising from within me.
    • must also die but can also truly live.
    • desire to tell others about the empty tomb.
    • have something worth telling/writing about.
    • want to publish the Good News!

Christian Writers and Editors are Window Washers


We need to perceive the Truth.

Yet, darkly we peer through the glass.

Clean me for use

Free me to serve

Lift me to reach

That I may wash windows for You.

Wrong doctrine obscures

Gray living besmears

Raw weather, it blurs

The pane on this side.

Provide a soft cloth—not abrasive

The vision to transcend the obstructive

And courage to rub for perfection




Till, through one clear corner,

Someone sees You.


Catherine Lawton

from the book, Remembering Softly: A Life In Poems © 2016

Photo: (c) Can Stock Photo / Ghen
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